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The Messages Women Send

I won’t be popular with this post. There’s a good chance it will be taken the wrong way. There’s a really good chance small parts of it will be taken out of context. I still feel it needs to be said. We women need to be careful about the messages we send to the world.Continue reading “The Messages Women Send”

Women Communicating

Women must meet the challenge of communication in order to make their voice not only heard but understood. It’s the tool when used well is the foundation of freedom and respect. The way we women communicate tells a story of ourselves, how we perceive that self, and how we treat others. We are typically oneContinue reading “Women Communicating”

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Changing the dynamics of the relationships of women with the world starts with setting healthy boundaries. There are all kinds of excuses that the rest of the world gives to us so that we continue to put up with their bad behavior, their laziness, their expectations. As a New Woman I am exploring these excusesContinue reading “Setting Healthy Boundaries”

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